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Josef Rusnak has established himself as a versatile writer/director and outstanding talent among German film makers.
Josef is attached to direct - 52 HOURS - an international Co-Production of a Suspense Thriller based on his own screenplay - to be shot in 2014 in BERLIN  and VIENNA.  
In 2012 He’s been  developing the material  for an original screenplay  - THE DEVIL’S GARDEN -  a big budget WW2 action movie with EDENROCK MEDIA & SUMMIT ENTERTAINMENT.
In 2010/11 - He directed BEYOND, which stars Jon Voight. Filming took place in Alaska.
In 2009 he co-wrote and directed VALERIE (aka KLEINE LICHTER), a drama with RUN LOLA RUN star Franka Potente. This movie will be released in Europe in summer of 2011.
He directed IT’S ALIVE, a horror movie produced in 2007/2008 by Moshe Diamant and NU IMAGE, which was presented in August 2008 at the Fantasy Film Festival in Berlin.
Josef shot two Action-Thrillers in Wales (UK), Bulgaria and Vancouver starring Wesley Snipes for Screen Gems / Sony Pictures. In 2006 THE CONTRACTOR (also starring Lena Headey and Eliza Bennet), and in 2007 THE ART OF WAR sequel ART OF WAR II / BETRAYAL.
In 2003 and 2004 he developed and directed the psychological thriller PERFECT LIFE (aka VICTIMS),  a US/UK co-production, starring Jesse Bradford and Sienna Guillory.
In 2000 Josef became a partner in Screencraft Entertainment GmbH and SRO AG, a Munich based production company, which organized German funding, German Studio space and production facilities for US films.
In 1998 he developed, co-wrote and directed THE THIRTEENTH FLOOR, a Centropolis / Columbia Tri Star Production (starring Craig Bierko, Gretchen Moll, Vincent D’Onofrio and Armin Mueller-Stahl). The film was released on 1,800 screens on Memorial Day in 1999.
In 1997 he was 2nd unit director for Roland Emmerich’s GODZILLA, where he gained valuable experience working with the studio system, CGI and state-of-the-art special effects.
In 1995 Josef teamed up with producer Marco Weber (today Head of Senator International) to direct the German-American co-production NO STRINGS ATTACHED (starring Vincent Spano). He also co-wrote and directed SQUADRON, Germany’s most successful and highest rated TV movie in 1997.
In 1994 Josef directed the successful German television series PARTNERS and the feature, QUIET DAYS IN HOLLYWOOD his first English script (starring Hillary Swank and Natasha Gregson Wagner).
In 1990 one of his scripts got the attention of Robert de Niro’s Company TRIBECA as well as the TRIAD / WILLIAM MORRIS AGENCY.  Following TRIBECA’s invitation Josef moved to Los Angeles in 1991 where he reunited with Roland Emmerich. Roland and Josef have previously studied together at Munich film school. In the following years they developed several projects together.
Josef moved from Munich to London in 1989 where he developed several screenplays.
Aged twenty-five his 1983 debut feature film COLD FEVER won the German film award for Best Director (starring Axel Milberg, Uli Tukur, Joachim Krol and Katharina Boehm). He went on to write and direct several acclaimed productions including the French-German-Swiss co-productions THE HOUSE ON THE CANAL, THE WINDOW OF THE ROUET and PICNIC AT CHECKPOINT CHARLIE., in which he first teamed up with Armin Mueller Stahl.
Josef resides in Los Angeles, Berlin and Munich


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